4 Highlights For Short Hair

4 Highlights For Short Hair

If you want a hair color that matches your zingy personality then you should definitely opt for highlights. From zany colors to more sober shades, highlights can add a pop of color to your hair. A professional hair stylist can advise you on the color and type of highlight that will suit not just your hair, but your unique personality as well. From a vibrant, sexy look to a more sober professional look, hair highlights can give you a totally new appearance in just under an hour’s time. Hair highlighting has reached such a professional level that it has literally become a much sought-after art form.

Highlighting Hair Includes making

There are numerous reasons why women opt to incorporate highlights into their natural hair color. Some of the common motives for highlighting hair include making a bold fashion statement, covering unsightly grey hair, or simply improving natural hair tone. Taking into account your age, your hair color, and even your profession, most hair stylists can advise you on highlight colors that will flatter you the most.

Short Hair Highlights

While highlighting short hair, stylists should take into account the hair length and the technique they are going to use to highlight the hair. For short to medium-length hair cap method of highlighting works the best. Highlighting short hair can be quite a cumbersome process – because of the very short hair length. So, women with very short hair should go to a parlor to get their highlights done.

Listed Below are Some Ultra-Chic Highlights For Short Hair

Color-enhancing highlights basically add some subtle but much-needed color to the natural hair tone. Adding a highlight in a contrasting shade to your natural hair color can enliven your natural hair tone a good deal. From a classic look to a more sporty sun-kissed look, color-enhancing highlights can add oodles of charisma to your faded, jaded hair color.

For a softer look color enhancing highlights will be added in a sparse manner to your natural hair color. For a bolder more exotic appearance multiple highlights in lighter and darker shades can be incorporated into your hair. The advantage of using multiple colors for highlighting hair is that it adds a lot of volume and bounce to the hair.

Barely There Highlights

If you want to add just a splash of color to your natural hair tone then opt for barely there highlights. This kind of highlight works well on women with short to medium-length hair. Peek-a-boo or barely there highlights unlike ordinary highlights are applied to the under section of the hair instead of the top of the head.

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