5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Back Pain

Get Rid of Back Pain

Have you ever felt a cramp in your back while getting up quickly after bending to pick up the pen that you dropped? Back pain can be caused by muscle strain, bad posture, repetitive twisting or bending, overuse and injury. Whenever you suffer from back pain, whether lower back pain or upper back pain, no matter what the reason may be, you look for ways to find relief from it.

Fortunately, there is an extensive range of natural ways to alleviate your back pain. Thus, if your back pain is not constant, you can bank on some natural ways to reduce it. Here are the top 5 natural ways to get rid of back pain:

Acupuncture Therapy: This is a very old treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been very effective in alleviating back pain as well as other health disorders. Acupuncture has been successful in treating patients for thousands of years. At present acupuncture is broadly accepted throughout the globe and you can get relief from this therapy in just one sitting if your condition is not very severe.

However, if you have been suffering from back pain for quite a long time you may require a few more sittings. Before undergoing the acupuncture treatment make sure that you get it done by a professional person like a TCM specialist.

Massage Therapy: Massage therapy is a preferred treatment for back pain which is even more ancient than acupuncture therapy. Everybody likes to get a massage while they are suffering from unbearable back pain. Massage boosts the circulation of your muscles. A good massage can even help you get rid of the swelling that can aggravate your back pain.

Massage also helps your body to discharge the endorphins, which are also known as “feel good” chemicals that have the power to remove pain and stress. Getting a self-massage is also a good way to calm down the tension in your shoulder and neck region. Apply mild pressure with the help of your hands and massage either side of your neck. Once you can feel that your neck muscles have started becoming soft, raise the pressure by a bit. Similarly, give a massage to your shoulders starting from the front to the back.

Stretching Exercises: Stretching exercises help burn fat and build muscles. Moreover, it will surely help alleviate your back pain. Stretching exercises reduce tension and promote lymph drainage. Swimming is a really wonderful exercise that can reinforce your muscles in the upper back and help to avoid muscle strain. There are large muscles in your shoulder area which are normally a cause of back pain. Stretch both your shoulders and spine. Raise one arm above your head and in this position wait for no less than 1 minute. Do this exercise again for 2-3 times on both sides to stretch the tight muscles.

Ultrasound Treatment: In order to boost your blood circulation and alleviate the muscle spasms you need an ultrasound treatment. Generally, the region between the shoulder blades is more prone to upper back pain. When you undergo ultrasound therapy, sound waves are sent into these muscles. The heat improves the circulation of blood by bringing additional oxygen to the sensitive area and helps in healing the soft muscle tissue. You can purchase a home ultrasound machine and treat your back pain by sitting at home. An ultrasound treatment can alleviate your unbearable back pain which obstructs your daily activities.

Breathing Exercises: Breathing exercises are quite effective in reducing your back pain if they are done properly. First of all, you need to gain knowledge of the proper techniques of breathing. Breathing exercises will help alleviate the stiffness in your stressed muscles. While breathing, you should exhale fully. Try to avoid expelling the air from your lungs. Focus on calming down with each breath that you puff out. As you exhale count to 10 before you inhale again with your nose.

If you have severe back pain, you may not get quick relief. However, you need to be patient because normally the aforementioned methods work best, all you need to do is just to wait for a while for the methods to work.