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Bachelor Party

It is the tradition to arrange a bachelor party by the best man for the groom. Considering you are the best man, you are responsible for showing an amazing time to your groom, on the last night of freedom. But when your groom is the one who has his mobile in his hand answering his fiance, or even his mother, and got to do a lot of work in the morning and does not intend to fall off for 24 hours, you still have to show him some good time in the bachelor’s party, as the best man.

You and your groom must sit and plan for the bachelor party. But you should have the tone at the end of the discussion. Your intention must be to throw a big blast party for your groom and make him come out of the doghouse with Her Majesty. So your groom can withstand only a mild bachelor party. Decide it at the end of the discussion.

Both the mild and wild bachelor parties would start with equal spirit. Your day with the groom would start with a poker tournament or golf or go-carts and of course, your boys will invariably want a spectacular and delicious dinner. Make note of the classic style that the groom never pays for the dinner himself.

A mild bachelor party should be hosted like a well-planned birthday party or super bowl party, with all the surprises to remember for a lifetime. The very word bachelor party will remind everyone all about the sexy girls dancing you around. But here your groom is a mild guy who will be abashed by all these ways of a bachelor party, so no X-rated surprises at a mild bachelor party. You must know another important fact the groom should not reach out his wallet to pay for any of the orders.

Before you proceed to the dinner, the main event, you can order some beer to warm up. If the groom is comfortable at his favorite bar, you can proceed to that place. Make sure that everyone who attends the bachelor party is accompanied to the beer bar.

If your groom is interested in sports, and if your budget allows, go for luxury seating participate in golf or bowling or make a trip to theme parks or casinos where you have plenty to do and see. The main event of a bachelor party is the good meal you owe to the groom. Make proper reservations for all the ones who accompany you.