Bulk Web Hosting or Two Part Email Letter?

Part Email Letter

There are basically two ways to send your UCE without getting your Website shut down on you. The no-cost method is to use a two-part emailer. Basically, how it works is you send a teaser letter out. In the letter, you will have a “reply for more info” email for them to click on. The sales letter must be very enticing for people to want to respond back to you. Once these people respond back to you, they have “opted-in” to your list and now you can reply back to them with your website and follow-up letter.

Your List in The First Message

You can send them to your website because your second letter is not considered SPAM since they have created a “relationship” with you by responding back to your message. Please note that some people may have forgotten that they opted-in to your list in the first message, so it is very important in your second letter to remind them that they in fact opted-in to your list. A simple reminder could be something like – Dear John, thank you for replying to our email message about…”.

Bulletproof Web Hosting

The second method is using bulk hosting or “bulletproof” web hosting. There are many bulk hosting sites that claim that their bulletproof site stays up all the time. The fact is, most of these bulletproof sites get shut down just as easily as regular sites. So how do you know which web hosting sites will actually stay up or not? We have been in the business for a while to know which ones of these bulk sites actually stay up. For example, we know of one that has been in operation since 1994, and since then has only been down once, for a day.

The Main Advantage of a Bulk Web Hosting

The main advantage of a bulk web hosting site over a two-part email letter is an immediate response. More people will click on a link directing them to a site rather than clicking on a link that goes to an email, then receiving the site in another email. Your success in a two-part email will all depend on how good your first email message is to get people to reply back. The other major advantage of using a bulk-friendly site is the ability to place HTML pictures in the first email message.

You are Linking Your Pictures

You see when you put pictures in your email message, those pictures need to reside somewhere and link to the actual message. So if you are sending UCE people will be able to find out where you are linking your pictures to and complain to your web host. That is why when you see UCE messages with HTML pictures, most of these are being hosted by bulk-friendly sites, or a free web hosting site, where the email marketer knows that the free site will be shut down in a few days due to complaints. If you are interested in more information about web hosting please contact us for more information, pricing, and where to order.

Well, thank you for reading our intro about bulk email marketing. Again we will show you exactly what to do, whether you plan to send emails to your opt-in lists or by UCE. You will receive a report when you purchase any of our software explaining in detail how to obtain and grow your opt-in list (without buying any lists), how to set up your email marketing campaign, set up free email accounts, and forward them to your computer for “removes” and “reply to’s”, managing your remove lists and more! If you are still confused about which software to purchase, please contact us. Let us know if you want us to contact you by email or by phone and we will.

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