Chevron French Tip Manicure

Chevron French Tip Manicure

Doing a Chevron French tip manicure doesn’t have to take hours, and you could even do it without those fancy nail guides or stickers. The brushes inside ordinary nail polishes work a treat on occasions when you need to paint straight lines, so all you really need is the color of your choice and a steady hand. This was my first attempt at a chevron tip, and I was surprised at how quickly I could get a decent-looking result. Read on to see how to do a chevron French tip manicure in minutes.

I started by painting the nail using nude polish. I let that dry a little before proceeding.
I used white nail polish to paint a diagonal tip or a sideswipe from one side of the nail.
I repeated the process from the other side and viola! Allow the tip to dry and then apply a top coat of your choice.

Handy Tips:

When painting tips, the application can sometimes be thicker, so use rapid spray or something similar to help set the polish. This could save you quite a lot of time because smearing or smudging the polish afterward isn’t much fun (never mind having to reapply it!)

Also, you’ll more than likely get some polish on your cuticles, so don’t worry about it too much. Once you’re happy with the tip, just use a corrector pen to clean up any excess polish.

This really was a quickie tutorial, but this tip manicure can be the basis for a number of fun and exciting nail art designs. You could add rhinestones or glitter if you’re looking for a quick way to glam up the tip, or you could use stripers and other nail art tools to create a design around and over the tip.

Your imagination is the only real limit to what you can do. For a fun variation, paint the tip and then apply the crackle in contrasting polish over the top. I found this interesting video tutorial using a chevron tip, so if you’re stuck for inspiration on how to ‘jazz’ up this tip manicure.