Forgotten Holiday Marketing Strategy

Forgotten Holiday Marketing Strategy

Marketing Firm Senter & Associates Encourages Small Businesses to Resurrect Postcard Marketing to Increase Holiday Sales and Outpace Competitors Senter & Associates, a Boston area marketing and PR firm, is pushing small businesses to be old-fashion this holiday marketing season in order to capture limited shopper spending. Many holiday shoppers are out of work as reflected by the continued high unemployment rate, increasing the competition among small businesses for gift-buying dollars. And while most holiday advertisers are focused on inbound marketing, one sure way to reach customers economically is the old-fashion way – through their mailbox using postcard marketing.

Marketing Must-haves to Increase Holiday Sales

What gets delivered to your mailbox in three days or less? According to the United States Postal Service, a first-class mailed postcard. “These days small businesses are overly-focused on social media content development,” said Sharron Senter, Senter & Associates founder and author of the report, Marketing Must-haves to Increase Holiday Sales. “This creates a tremendous opportunity for small businesses to reach customers where their competitors are no longer going — through the postal mail. Sure the postcard is old-fashion marketing. But it still remains one of the most affordable direct mail vehicles. You can’t get much closer to your prospect than when they open their mailbox and grab your postcard.”

Small Businesses Stand Out In the Mailbox

Senter suggests small businesses think more like dentists this Christmas selling season. “Dentists have been using postcard marketing successfully for years,” said Senter. “Postcards aren’t just for reminding patients about upcoming appointments, they also deepen the loyalty between doctors and their patients. When customers are hearing from you at least twice a year, as most dental patients do, it’s unlikely these patients will leave you for another dentist.

This loyalty factor can apply to all small businesses, but not without regular customer outreach. What’s more, since postcard marketing isn’t as sexy and trendy as social media marketing, this helps small businesses stand out in the mailbox, not only from their competition but as a holiday gift idea in the mass of all the holiday advertising.” Postcard marketing campaigns are affordable, quick, and easy to coordinate. Small businesses can obtain a free checklist of postcard marketing ideas and resources at

According to Senter, Postcard Marketing:

maintains a steady stream of revenue by delivering postcards on a continuous basis
creates immediate call-to-action that drives customers to call, stop by a retail location, or visit a Web site landing page provides maximum billboard-like exposure for small businesses at very little expense

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