Haircuts and Hairstyles For Men

Haircuts and Hairstyles For Men

What has highlights then for them is a very strong presence of very short hair, marking his face and, for the more adventurous, a game of volumes with a clear neck and great broom rape or crest on top. Meanwhile, proposed cuts are rounded and smoothed, always leaving the natural wave hair, giving a look disheveled.

Rockabilly Hairstyle

Never gets old and is always a trend that will adapt to the times. It focuses on giving volume up to the top of the hair, to the crest and everything shorter. It is a very versatile hairstyle because straight, slicked back with gel and can give a formal look, or conversely, the forehead and shredded are fine casual for every day.

Short and Defined

To combat the high temperatures, you do not get the full shaved, but rather opt for a cut that is very comfortable and short, but that also allows styling. As mentioned earlier, the best hairstyle that according to the occasion can be more elegant or casual. Favors this look a lot because let’s show face and clear eyes, plus descontractura with natural hair waves seen in the front falling as small clumps.

The Classic Layered Cut

The very lank hair has the complication that if the hair is short does not bring much volume and movement. For this, it is best to opt for a length of at least 5 cm, with bangs open and long layers to give the hair structure.

Medium Length and Volume

For a completely new image, nothing better than a new look that lets them see the curls adding volume at the top of the head. New color and ends with the upper volume of the hair. Those who do not have straight hair are best left to express their natural forms. The cut looks very trendy, but beware, it is sometimes difficult to give a neater appearance without using the gel and smoothing. Cool and comfortable for others are the hairstyles that come to break a bit from the classics and be more daring. The summer season brings colors and varied plays perfect to combine with these new cuts.