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Effectively eliminating the need for an employee or sub-contractor
Providing a level of function or data that cannot be easily found otherwise.
Each tool is listed under the appropriate category below:

Market Research & SEO Tools:

The Master Plan – Up-to-date knowledge on how to develop a website in order to achieve top 5 rankings exponentially easier than traditional SEO methods. When your website is seen as 100% relevant by the search engines your workload required to gain top rankings is greatly reduced.

ThemeZoom – The most advanced market research & keyword research tool available to the general public (no hype intended). If you own this tool, then you have the full power to dominate any Internet marketing at any time. A must-have for any serious Internet marketer. Take SEO to a level that your competition has never seen.

Affiliate Elite – Use this tool to quickly locate affiliates that are already promoting a product similar to yours so you can get them to promote your product as well. This tool is also good for spying on your competition to discover which keywords they rank for organically and which keywords they are bidding on for PPC advertising. A good way to uncover potential “money keywords”.

SEO Elite – Use this tool to keep track of and manage all of your search engine optimization tasks in one simple-to-use interface. For a limited time get a free copy of The Master Plan – The New Generation of SEO when you purchase SEO Elite through SEO20/20.

Content Management Tools:

Content Composer – This is the ultimate tool for generating new, non-duplicate content from your existing content. This is useful for creating unique articles for submission to article directories so that you don’t get popped with a duplicate content penalty. Content Composer is also good for ensuring that your theme density and keyword density don’t get out of control for SEO purposes.

Drupal – To date this has been the best software for creating a silo-structured website (the most search engine friendly) using a content management system (CMS). The other option is to use Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage. Drupal is hosted on your web server and is not for beginners. If you are just starting out then use an HTML editor like Dreamweaver or FrontPage.Silver Bullet – A service where a 3rd party company will create videos, squeeze pages, and sales letters for 10 hot-selling Click Bank products per month all for a low fee of $37/mo.

Competition Spying & Back Engineering Tools:

SpyFu – See what keywords your competitors are bidding on and which keywords they rank for in the search engines (organic rankings).

Affiliate Elite – (see above) uses SpyFu data but integrates it into an easy-to-use interface and allows you to save data so you can watch trends over time.

How to Stay on the Cutting Edge Resources:

SEO Revolution – Search engine optimization and Internet Marketing is full of fairy tales, lies & deceit. The SEO Revolution changes all that by only reporting on TESTED & PROVEN results. Jerry West (the founder) tests, tests, and tests again so that you get straight facts without spending a fortune to find them.

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