Modern Digital PR Marketing

Digital PR is a modern marketing and linking strategy that uses digital platforms to increase brand awareness and strengthen SEO. By creating and distributing engaging content, digital PR helps companies reach their target audience online. It creates a synergy between branding communication and search engine optimization, which is essential for improving a company’s visibility and ranking on the Internet.

What is the difference between digital and traditional PR?

Many only work with Digital PR or traditional PR. We work with both and therefore have a unique starting point to answer this question. It’s easy to think that all traditional PR contributes to your digital visibility, but that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Traditional PR has a focus on increasing the visibility of a brand or campaign, but there is no stated focus on doing so in a way that strengthens SEO and EEAT. This means that you often miss out on synergies if you don’t do it the right way.

There is an overlap between traditional and digital PR, as well as with link strategies. But they are not all the same. A good link strategy often includes classic link bait. There can be many different types of content that work for this. And all this is not ordinary PR. It can be things like guides, info pages, tools and much more. A somewhat simplified explanation is that Digital PR is when traditional PR meets link strategies and link baiting.

Digital PR is brand building, but you mainly want to attract links when you work with it. Therefore, you also need to spend resources on creating landing pages and content that add additional value beyond what is already visible in the media or on other channels. If everything about your PR campaign is only seen in the media, it will not help you rank better on Google. This is where many PR campaigns fail because they are stuck in an outdated approach, and therefore let this value go to waste.

Digital PR isn’t just about the content you create. It’s also how you reach out with it. It is primarily about how what you do outside your site strengthens the digital visibility. So it’s not just technical SEO and content, but also contact with the media and outreach measures. It is therefore a natural extension of a modern PR strategy. And here it is really a strong advantage to coordinate both your traditional PR with your SEO work.

But why do you want to do all this? Is it not enough to appear in the media? Of course, it depends on who you ask. But there can be a lot of money in visibility for a small effort if it is done in a good way. And you avoid double work because you get maximum value from both PR and SEO value.

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