Usually, we consider our skin only when we had to go to some function, party, or event. The salon is the first option for such occasions. Again we resume back our daily routine and forget to take care of our skin. Regular facials and clean-ups are essential to have glowing and clear skin. Further, face complexion will also get improved.

Dust –Dirt, and Dead Skin

Clean-up will help in removing excess oil, dust –dirt, and dead skin cells leading to a fairer complexion and clear and soothing skin. Daily our skin is exposed to sun as well as pollution so, harmful rays and dust dirt gets settled in the pores. That is why clean-up is advised at least once in 2 weeks. No beauty products can give you glowing skin in a day. Oxygen facial treatment will give you natural glowing and hydrated skin. Normally soaps and face washes make skin dry and rough but clean-up will help in hydrating the skin and will provide deep cleansing What is O3 treatment?

Clear, Smooth, Plumpy, and Healthy Skin

In order to have clear, smooth, plumpy, and healthy skin O3 facial treatment is advised. This treatment will enrich the skin with minerals and vitamins and makes the skin hydrated as well as collagen growth is taken care of. The process consists of a machine that sprays oxygen that is highly concentrated in nature along with some natural extracts. It can be sprayed over the face as well as the neck.
Various benefits of O3 facial treatment:

Promotes collagen production: Collagen is a kind of protein that binds the skin cells together and in turn, provides elasticity and strength to the skin. Improper production of collagen leads to wrinkles. O3 will help to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles providing nourished skin.

Skin detoxification: There are vitamins, minerals, and nutrients along with highly concentrated oxygen molecules that nourished the skin thus removing the pollution and sun effects by repairing the skin cells.

Speeding up the skin cells: Usually, cells have a limited period of lifetime. Cells become dead and new cells are formed. For new cells to generate oxygen is of utmost importance. The treatment will provide oxygen to the cells speeding up the cell regeneration and providing acne or pimple-free skin.

Hydrates the skin: Dryness and effects of sun and pollution are resolved using the treatment providing proper pH balancing and a protective layer to prevent skin from harmful sun rays.

No side effects: It has no side effects such as skin burn, irritation, swelling, etc. Rather it is good for sensitive skin and better than other chemical treatments.

Instant results: There is no need to wait for a long time for perfectly healthy skin. The treatment will give instant results.

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