Simple Nail Designs | Pink Hearts Nail Design for Beginners

Simple Nail Designs

This is such a fun and romantic nail art design, and it’s a really simple one as well. Beginners should love this one because it uses a nail art pen to draw hearts onto a sheer pink base. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or for a big date, but is sure to add a touch of romance to even an everyday occasion! I usually recommend the products I use myself, so you’ll be sure to get exactly the same result.

Nailart Designs and Cool Nail Ideas:

Pink Nail Design with Whirls, Flowers and Rhinestones

This is a very simple design but is one of the more feminine nailart designs I’ve done so far. If you’re looking for cool nail ideas that won’t mean having to use loads of different expensive products, then this one might be just the thing. It uses three shades of pink nail polish, a set of dotting tools, a striper brush, and light pink rhinestones. It’s loads of fun to do and doesn’t take very long, because you won’t need an extremely steady hand.

Nail Art Tutorial in Light Pink and White with Rhinestones, Swirls and Dots

This is one of my simple nailart designs that would work well for bridal nails, or for those occasions when you need something stunning but subtle. This design uses only two types of nail polish a set of dotting tools and a striper brush. It’s a gorgeous design for the minimal effort and simple techniques used.

Nailart Designs and Easy Nail Polish Ideas

This is one of my favorite “go-to” designs when I want to do a glitter tip as a base for another of my nailart. This is one of the easy nail polish ideas that almost anyone could do at home, provided you follow a few simple steps. Glitter tips are great options when you need a manicure that won’t chip quickly or easily. They are also harder to remove, but with a little know-how, you can get rid of the glitter quickly and easily.

Nailart Designs and Easy Nail Ideas for Beginners

This is one of my most elaborate dotting tool designs, and it’s both fun and very different! It’s one of my easy nail ideas for beginners that turned out differently from what I intended. The initial design was meant to be a dark purple nail with very large white polka dots, but the design took on a life of its own once I got started. The end result was something that looked like paws and polka dots. This design is great fun and looks gorgeous as an accent nail as well.

Citrus Inspired Nail Idea for Beginners

This is a really fun and bright nail design and is perfect for beginners to try at home. It’s inspired by orange slices, and you could also incorporate fimo slices as a part of this design if you like.