Simply the Best Weight Loss Program Ever!

Best Weight Loss

Are you ready for the best weight loss program ever? Why is it so good? It does not require willpower the Achilles Heel of every diet or healthy eating program you’ve ever used. This approach works with your body instead of against it. Traditional diets require you to be deficient in nutrients in order to lose weight. Whether it is carbs, fats, or calories in general your body knows what is going on. It will drive you to eat those foods because it needs a balance of these nutrients. Your body doesn’t take well to calorie restriction, either. It will make you obsess about food until you find yourself binging.

The Best Weight Loss Program starts with 3 Steps:

  • STEP 1: Eat every 2-3 hours. This is surprisingly difficult for many people. People figure the less often they eat, the fewer calories they will eat. Eating infrequently slows the metabolism and leads to binging. Many people fear eating early in the day because they think they will still eat a lot in the evening. I promise that you will find yourself less hungry later in the day if you shift some of your eating earlier.
  • STEP 2: Combine carbohydrates and protein or fat at every meal and snack. This allows for that much-needed sense of satisfaction. Carbohydrates are important for blood sugar regulation but will digest quickly if eaten alone. The protein and fat allow for a feeling of fullness and slow digestion.
  • STEP 3: Keep a weight loss journal. In this journal, you will note the time and food for each meal or snack. You should also note any thoughts or feelings you are aware of while you are eating or in your day in general. Keeping a weight loss journal is difficult for some people. They use it to guilt or shame themselves for their eating. I encourage you to use it as a learning tool to better understand your habits and adjust future behaviors.

You need to do these first 3 steps. The Best Weight Loss Program for at least two weeks before moving on to the next step of intuitive eating. These steps help to reset your metabolism, which may have been sluggish from infrequent eating. They also help to decrease overeating because you never get too hungry during the day. You will be surprised at how much better you feel eating this way.

This is not a crash diet, so the weight loss will be gradual. Remember that 98% of people who lose weight on traditional diets will regain the weight. If you know someone who has lost weight in this way, you will notice they are probably pretty weird with food. It requires constant vigilance, to the point of disordered eating. It is not a great way to live, and it is certainly not what I would call normal eating.

You may experience a weight loss plateau here or there along the way. Often my clients will notice their clothes fitting looser before their weight on the scale changes. It is best, really, that you not weigh yourself. Constant focus on the weight, rather than the 3 steps, will throw off your progress. It may frustrate you, which will make a binge more likely. If you view The Best Weight Loss Program as a diet, you will naturally come to resist it. Eating like this is not hard, as long as you do not make yourself crazy. Stay focused on the easy changes you are making avoid negative self-talk because it will discourage you.

Quick Weight Loss Tips from The Best Weight Loss Program:

  • Eat frequently throughout the day
  • Combine carbohydrates and protein/fat each time you eat
  • Keep a weight loss journal
  • Legalize all foods there are no bad foods
  • Avoid weighing
  • Never consider dieting it is a trap