The Destination Wedding Reception Dress

Wedding Reception Dress

A rising trend with brides is the reception dress, a simpler, more comfortable gown that you slip into after exchanging vows. This lets your entire wedding party see you walk the aisle in your fabulous first gown but then allows you to relax and enjoy freedom of movement during your Caribbean reception. This works particularly well for brides who fall in love with an elaborate or slightly less practical gown for their setting. Highlight the beautiful dress of your dreams, and then relieve the temperature and confinement with something less constricting!

However, ensure that your reception dress mirrors the formality and tone of your wedding if you throw a black-tie affair and later appear in a casual, short-skirted number, your guests may start to wonder if they overdid their own attire. The main idea here is to increase your comfort for things like socializing, dancing, and eating, which doesn’t necessarily mean slipping on the most relaxed and low-key white dress you can find.

Trashing the Dress

After your destination wedding comes to an end, you’re left with a trip full of wonderful memories and the dress of your dreams. What to do with it? Instead of wrapping up the gown and hiding it in your closet, why not consider a more literal version of “embracing the Caribbean”?

Trashing the dress refers to an edgy type of post-wedding photoshoot in which the bride trashes her beloved gown on the principle that she’ll never wear it again. Not only is this symbolic of her commitment to the groom, but it’s also a fun and unique way to let off steam from the stress of wedding planning.

Some brides choose to spray paint their gowns for an unexpected and colorful effect, while some pose in unique locations. The point of a trash the dress session is to get dirty and take creative photos, be it laying on the ground, climbing up a tree, covering yourself with spray paint, or almost anything else a bride could dream up.

And the Caribbean, with its many beaches, parks, and resort areas, lends itself perfectly to this emerging trend. Take a swim in the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea or your resort pool, fully clothed in wedding garb. Hike through a historic sugar plantation without fear of smudges or tearing that’s the point. The wedding is over, you’re with your partner for life, and why not start the honeymoon with a bang?

Many sessions end with beautiful and completely unexpected poses, as well as a sense of liberation from the couple’s many hectic months of planning. Although this practice may not suit the tastes of every couple, it certainly provides an alternative endnote for a lovely Caribbean destination wedding dress, as well as a chance to make island memories in a hands-on and exciting manner.