6 Habits to Keep Love Alive

6 Habits to Keep Love Alive

Some couples seem to keep that spark alive even when life’s ups and downs get in the way. Well, it’s more than just chemistry, relation experts say. Happy couples develop habits that keep them that way. Anyone who enters a relationship and thinks it’s automatically going to work beyond the first few months is fooling himself or herself. Staying passionate together is a skill, but a skill that anyone can learn. Here are six habits you and your loved one can adopt to live happily ever after.

Don’t let that physical attraction disappear

Couples who keep their intimate contact alive always nurture attraction. As far as love life goes, be open to trying new things and keep from getting stuck in a rut where everything is the same day after day. Lots of kissing and eye contact is a way to find the other person more attractive.

Get involved in projects together

Of course, couples need their own space, and their own life and projects. Sometimes, however, we can get so caught up in work that we forget our partner. That’s why exploring new ground together can be so powerful. Maybe start working out together, cooking together, or maybe take a scuba diving class together and follow up with a trip to an exotic island. Couples who take on adventures together are generally happier.

Practice admiring each other

This one is not always easy, but it’s got to do with compassion and understanding. If each of you takes some time and thinks about what it’s like to be the other person; what a day in their life is like, what it’s like to be with YOU, challenges at work, etc., then this can lead to a deeper understanding of the other person. Follow up with a mental list of why you love your partner. His or her special qualities, that maybe you were attracted to when you two first met.

Always be fair

We all get into fights every now and then. But in the middle of battle, always try to be a fair person swallow your pride, and give the point to your partner, even though you feel you’re right. See if you can understand your partner’s perspective, be willing to compromise, and be open to compromise instead of insisting on getting your way. The result is that the relationship will deepen and become more profound.

Have your own life

Going off fishing for a week with your friends doesn’t mean you don’t want to spend time with your partner. Quite the opposite. When couples have their own interests, the relationship blossoms because of it. It will give you new things to talk about, and it’s wonderful once you get home.

Catch romance where you can

You don’t have to bring chocolate and flowers every day that gets boring. But if you work on always making it special when you’re together, that will keep happiness alive. It can be something as easy as holding hands when you’re out walking, or lighting a candle when you’re having dinner together. Or keeping yourself neat and clean, wearing a few nice clothes around the house, and not always your sweats.