Bahamas Weddings

Bahamas Weddings

Resting in the Atlantic Ocean only 50 miles from the coast of Florida, the beautiful islands of the Bahamas await couples planning their tropical destination wedding ceremonies, receptions, and honeymoons. While not technically located in the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas remain a member of the Caribbean Community and draw thousands of happy couples every year for their beautiful white sand beaches and scenery, their laidback atmosphere, and an entirely unique and tropical vibe. With over 700 islands to explore, the task of choosing a destination wedding location may seem a bit overwhelming. But for a great place to start tackling the Bahamas, head first to the island of New Providence.

While not the largest in the chain, it once served as the birthplace of Bahamas tourism and today remains the most populated island out of the group. Numerous tourists travel yearly to its welcoming white sand shores, although nearby Paradise Island draws an increasingly large number with its own luxury resorts, stunning beaches, and upscale appeal. Each island contains beautiful destination wedding venues whether you imagine your wedding outdoors, near a hotel, or in the midst of lush botanical gardens, the Bahamas holds something to suit every couple’s tastes.

Also frequently called by the name of its capital, Nassau, New Providence makes an excellent destination wedding location due to its convenience and natural beauty. Brides frequently gravitate to Cable Beach on the northern coast, perhaps the island’s most popular stretch of white sand, due to its border of high-end and luxury resorts and hotels. Well known for its glitz and wealth of things to do, here couples find virtually any amenity they might need for a destination wedding accommodation, food, entertainment, and even convenient hotel wedding and honeymoon packages.

And Cable Beach itself stays absolutely stunning year round, with bright turquoise waters and fine, soft sand the perfect backdrop for any ceremony or reception. For couples who prefer something a bit quieter, a location such as Adelaide or Caves Beach offers fewer crowds with serene settings, ideal for isolation and privacy. All beaches in the Bahamas remain public property up to the high water mark, but beyond that, stay conscious of whose sand you trek through! Many beaches contain public access points, but your safest bet rests in booking a hotel right next to your location.

For even more beautiful beaches and high-end accommodations, head across the bridge to Paradise Island, home of the famed Atlantis Resort. This island contains an extremely high-end and luxurious feel and features some of the most beautiful beaches of the two islands. Often considered a “getaway” from the first getaway of New Providence, couples can find pretty much anything they might need or want here star treatment, stunning settings, and all the elements necessary for a romantic destination wedding ceremony.

If resorts and beaches don’t strike your fancy, New Providence and Paradise Island each contain their own beautiful garden areas; the Nassau Botanical Gardens and the Versailles Garden and Cloister, respectively. Marry amidst beautiful island flowers and grasses, the perfect setting for an intimate and peaceful ceremony.

Between New Providence and Paradise Island, perhaps the most sought-out islands of the Bahamas, couples find a wealth of locations and services for their Bahamas destination wedding. Enjoy the scenery, embrace the laidback atmosphere, and celebrate your wedding in one of the world’s stunning and popular tropical destinations!