Better Customer Service

Tonight, two children were left devastated when they didn’t get chicken nuggets in their McDonalds Happy Meal. (Yes, I am exaggerating a bit. No one starved…but they were not happy and I was highly annoyed.) I learned a long time ago to check the bag when you pull away from the drive-thru, but tonight I learned that you also have to shake your nugget box to make sure they actually put the chicken in the box.

So what’s a mom to do?

First, I started by calling the local McDonalds that left my children’s nuggets in the fryer or back at the farm and the phone rang and rang and rang. This started at 5:15 p.m. This went on for 15 – 20 minutes before I gave up and called the corporate office. At the corporate level, I got hung up on once and then, once I called back, I spoke to a very nice lady. She listened to my story, took down all of my information, apologized profusely and we were done our call. I appreciated the empathy for the incontinences, but nothing was offered. No coupon, no gift certificate, nada. I’m a mom. Give me a coupon and call it a day!

Darn straight I’ll take a coupon so my next visit is to this website! I thanked her via Direct Message and sent some gratitude out among the Twitter verse. It’s now a little after 8 p.m. I try one last time to call the local McDonalds that forgot the nuggets (I had been trying to call them off and on since the incident happened). Someone finally answered the phone. I explained what happen and once again got an apology. I paused and said, You do understand that I’ve been calling your location for almost three hours? She responded with, We aren’t supposed to answer the phone if we have customers. I let out a little bit of an ‘Are-You-Kidding-Me’ laugh and I said, Did it ever occur to you that it may be a customer calling? I got nothing but silence back.

I then went on to explain the big win casinos online with additional steps that were taken because they didn’t answer the phone. I said, If you would have answered the phone, I never would have called corporate or voiced my frustration on Twitter. Now at least two people in corporate are aware of what happened, all because no one at your location answered the phone. Once again, I got another apology and no offer to make up for the MIA nuggets. At this point I finished up with the call.

I know that I had already gotten my problem solved by my new Twitter friend, but I wanted to see if the local McDonalds would do anything to redeem themselves. Isn’t it amazing that I received the best customer service by someone that was monitoring McDonalds brand on Twitter? I thought it’s really sad that I had two phone calls and spoke to two people and the one person that was on Twitter redeemed McDonalds in my eyes. It got me thinking, thank goodness that major stores, food chains, restaurants have people monitoring what’s being said about them across social media sites, because I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to get really good results from customer service issues via phone calls or even in person these days.

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