Book sales will make you wealthy

Book sales will make you wealthy

Leading authors know that book sales alone won’t make you wealthy and create the thriving lifestyle you’re looking for. I hear it time and time again, as I speak with successful authors and clients who finally come to that realization.

How are these authors using their books to create a life they love? Here are two ways to get your book out there and make it work for you:

Package your knowledge into products. There are many ways to package your knowledge and expand on what you’ve written in your book. Your options include videos, teleseminars (create products from your recordings), home study programs, eBooks, membership sites, and more.

Package your knowledge into services. What are you good at that your clients want? Is there something you’re already helping your friends and others with that produces an outcome people desire? How are you doing this differently from what you see others are doing?

Select a service you can offer to your clients and review your process to determine how long it’s going to take you to help your client achieve results while working with you. Decide on how you’re going to deliver this service, brand it, name it, and go make an impact and increase your influence and income.

What’s your preference and what are your ideal readers looking for? Where would you like to be, let’s say, in another six months to a year? The answer to these questions will impact the format you choose for packaging your knowledge.

Organize yourself for success. We’re now into the second quarter of the year and if you continue to do what you’ve been doing, without results, you’ll no doubt end the year in the same place you started.

Not sure where to get started and how to re-purpose your book’s content for profits? Or have you heard this before and just feel stuck as to how to package your knowledge to attract your ideal clients?

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