Top 5 Branding Strategies

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When designing a new website, one must invest proper resources and time into branding. Branding is one of the most important aspects of design so getting it right is a vital part of the design process. This is a 5 step guide to branding strategies. You should check all these prior to undertaking a branding project. I’ll begin with the pitch because you should begin branding prior to pitching the project.

The Pitch

This part is scary but it determines whether you get the job or not. Life’s a pitch and then you die. You need to assure the client that you understand their brand and can communicate its value in accordance with their goals and the customers’ needs. The first 5 minutes are the most crucial stage of any pitch, so you need to grab the client’s attention. It’s better to show exactly what you intend to do straight away. Use examples of branding strategies you have used in the past or ideas for the client’s brand. Your client wants to know what your work will look like, not to sit through a PowerPoint presentation of bullet points and graphs.

Research the Company and Market

You need to research the brand, its history, its strengths, its customers, its competitors and every single aspect of the product so you can fully understand it. Successful branding strategies involve a deep and involved knowledge of the product and the company. When you know the consumer audience, you can really think about how to engage them. The less you know, the more likely it is that your branding strategy is ill-conceived.

Keep up to Date on Recent Trends

Follow the fashions of modern design and branding to see what is working these days. If you want to adopt an edgy, modern branding strategy, then make sure the client is on board. You need to communicate the value of the online marketing strategy to the client. Clients might be wary of creatives running amok with their brand identity, so it is necessary to help them understand the value of what you are going to do in real terms.

Design sketches

This is the part where you test out many different ideas. Sketch out as many varieties as possible to give yourself a wider choice of options. Explore color, typography, materials and form and filter the ideas through the design brief. Narrow the options down through the process of elimination. Does it meet the client’s needs? Does it solve the necessary problems? Start out open-minded and then become more discriminating until there are only ideas that work. Pick a few to show to the client because research shows that clients like to be able to pick from options.

Produce and present

The last step is production when final refinements and modifications are made to the final design. Keep the client involved throughout the production, or negative responses will set you back later on when work needs to be redone. When it is complete you need to put together a presentation that will clearly guide the client through your process and justify the design choices you have made.

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