How To Avoid Common Graphic Design Mistakes In Your Logo

Graphic Design Mistakes

One of the most important factors in establishing a company or business is the defining logo but, as a graphic designer will tell you, creating a logo that is both unique and functional is not as easy as many would have you think. These are the most common mistakes made by web designers when creating logos:

Chaotic Typography

As anyone in the graphic design industry will tell you, typography really can make or break a logo. It needs to be kept simple without compromising on the intended message – don’t use too many fonts or weights; don’t; don’t space the letters too far apart or too close together.

Poor Font

For many graphic designers, choosing a font for a logo can take as long as creating to the logo itself – as mentioned above, it can make or break your design. Each font has its own ‘personality’, so you need to ensure that you choose one that gels with the intended message of your business. Choose a font that is simple and clear.

Too Complex or Too Abstract

It has long been known in the graphic design industry that simple is always more memorable (as people are able to recognize it easier). The best way to ensure that your logo isn’t too complex or abstract, you should check whether it works on a postage stamp and on a billboard.


Many graphic designers think that, by creating a monogram out of businesses’ initials (for example, Jenny’s Flowers would be J & F), they are going to create a better logo. This is false, as it is actually much harder to make your business credible or convey a particular message with only a few letters. A monogram is something that happens much later on after a company is well known. You can create a picture as a logo; which defines your business.

Visual clichés

When a graphic designer uses light bulbs to represent ‘ideas’, speech bubbles to simulate ‘discussion’, and flourishes to portray ‘creativity’ or ‘dynamism’, you really are not being unique. Everyone uses these symbols and images, so try thinking outside of the box. There are, of course, plenty of other mistakes made by graphic designers when it comes to creating a logo, but these are, by far, the most common. Having a logo that is unique and memorable is all-important for many companies and businesses, so a website designer needs to take all the proper measures to avoid mistakes that could compromise this.

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