How to Choose a Master for Hair Extensions?

Choose a Master for Hair Extensions

For those who want to increase hair and still have a great hairstyle is a long time necessary to properly approach the selection of a specialist for the procedure. How do I do? Consider offers important rules. The first of them is that you referred only to those masters who can offer you a portfolio of their own work. It is important here that the pictures really belonged to someone who showed them to you. It is quite difficult to determine. Pay attention to the background behind the girls, who have decided to increase their hair it should be the same. As well as the quality of the picture.

Another important point is that highly trained specialists who can correctly build up the hair to build up, as a rule, show pictures, not only before and after the procedure. What is important at this point? The fact that the quality of the work can be seen only in the process of building. In other words, the great masters of the pictures show how they distribute the hair into sections and apply them to the size of the capsule with keratin.

Be aware that the head should be cut into equal and similar areas. No intersections there should not be. Otherwise, hot hair will turn to you, and tufts of tangles, untangling that will be very difficult. Thinking about what to spend the cold tape hair extensions much easier it would be wrong. An inexperienced artist can win ribbons and attach them too close to the roots in this case, the scalp will always get sick in the area. If you attach the strands to cool hair too far, they will be seen later, the minimum period.

Before you choose a particular barber, talk to him on the phone. Learn not only the cost of its services and about experiences, then the fact of how long he will be able to build up the hair. Despite the fact that competent professionals are not in a hurry never, and spend hot hair gently, the whole process takes them no more than two–to two and a half hours. Amateur out to attach the artificial strands for hair for about four–five hours.

If you want to buy hair extensions, but the master refuses to carry out the procedure with your material, it is an important indicator. Rather, it operates with its own low-quality locks, thus saving on the purchase of high-quality donor curls. In this case, there is no guarantee that instead of the promised costly Slavic you do not get, for example, Asian hair is cheaper to build.