James Hardie Siding in Denver

James Hardie Siding in Denver

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Prior to selecting a certain type of siding, you may wish to consider the water resistance, ease of installation, energy efficiency, aesthetics, versatility, and durability of every siding product you find appealing. Water resistance means that your siding will last longer, and if certain types of insulation are installed underneath the siding, you may be able to save money on heating and air conditioning bills. How the exterior of your home looks is extremely important, which is why you want to select the siding you absolutely love.

You also want the siding you choose to be versatile, so it will easily fit into the contours of your home without extreme effort. Great siding should also last through the years without showing signs of damage, decay, or age, while still being completely affordable. Environmental Service offers James Hardie siding, which combines water resistance, ease of installation, energy efficiency, aesthetics, versatility, and durability to create an outstanding siding product. To learn more about our siding selection, please contact us today!

Why choose James Harding’s siding?

James Hardie’s siding is superior to many other siding products because of its level of product performance. When a homeowner purchases James Hardie siding, they are not solely purchasing beautiful siding.

They are also receiving the following:

  • Protection
  • Durability
  • Green Siding

There is no building material that can completely guarantee a fireproof home, but James Hardie siding is a non-combustible home exterior option that can protect a person’s home for an extended period of time during a fire. When a fire test was conducted on vinyl, wood, and James Hardie siding, the vinyl had peeled and burned within a matter of seconds, while the wood and James Hardie siding continued to maintain their structure.

After a few minutes a class blogs, however, the wood siding reached its ignition temperature and began to rapidly spread to every area that was covered in wood. The James Hardie withstood the hot temperatures and fire damage without showing signs of melting, spreading, or peeling.

The James Hardie siding can also protect a home from hurricane damage, tornado damage, and other extreme weather conditions. James Hardie produces a fiber-cement siding that has been proven to protect a home from hail and windblown debris. It can withstand moisture and rot, and unlike wood-based and vinyl siding, James Hardie siding does not expand or contract. James Hardie’s siding supports the building industry’s efforts to help the environment, which is why their siding is environmentally friendly.

Protect Your Home for Life with James Hardie Siding

If you want to enhance and protect your home’s exterior, contact our company to receive a free quote for James Hardie siding. We understand that James Hardie Siding offers customers more protection and higher quality siding at an affordable cost than other siding companies, which is why we strictly offer and install James Hardie siding.