Long Hair with Extra Volume

Long Hair with Extra Volume

Have your hair blonde? Well, you’re in luck! And is that with a little hand, brush, and spray dryer, get your hair the most envied. And is that blondes are more upside than ever. The golden hair trends will be a star of the season, say experts hairdressers more signature Loreal Professional. And if they say so…

If in addition to this tone, you add extra volume to your hair, such as we showed in the collections of Carolina Herrera at Fashion Week in New York or Desquared, you’ve got one of those looks most desirable of the season. Hyper feminine and more timely than ever.

Get inspired by the movie stars of the past and in their hair and glamorous volume: Jane Fonda, Brigitte Bardot, Ursula Andress, Bond-girl-first.

Now you can tailor your hair to your own style. Remember that increasingly, experts tell us that the most important thing is to keep your healthy hair and safe.

Always use the right products and do not abuse the plates or the dryer.

To get your hair, use a volumizing shampoo, slightly dry hair and when still retains some moisture, apply foam at the root. Separate with fingers, strand by strand, and upwards, massaging gently. Then work the roots with a round brush and dryer.

To maintain volume, apply a little hairspray and you’ve got it!
We also can help with masks that provide volume and softness.
And remember to clean your hair and care will always be your best ally of beauty.