Skin Bleaching

Different methods are there to improve the stains from the skin and in order to whiten the skin. Bleaching is one of those methods. Skin bleaching is also called skin lightening. In this process, chemical substances are used to make the skin lighten. It can also be defined as the process to lessen the melanin (skin pigment responsible for imparting color to the skin and acting as a shield against the sun) in the skin. It is quite effective in whitening the skin if you have a darker skin tone. Bleach is done to remove tan, blackheads, and also uneven skin pigmentation.

Usually, some people consider face bleaching as a method of hair removal but actually, it is not true. Actually, the facial hair lightens and the face looks fairer. Only facial hair gets lightens not the skin. The bleaching agent most commonly used is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). It also acts as an oxidizer and also has anti-bacterial properties.

Is Facial Bleach Temporary or Permanent?

The most common question is whether the skin bleach is temporary or permanent. The answer to the question is that it has a temporary effect. This is due to the reason that our skin is daily exposed to sun, dust, and pollution. Its effect will remain for about 22-26 days. Good quality creams can yield results that last for a long time.

Advantages of Doing Bleach:

Facial hair gets lightened: It will provide an instant glow on your face. Bleach will make facial hair light golden which will make your appearance lighter than before and glowing as well.

Less painful: This is the least painful method. It will help you to get rid of the pain that occurs while threading and waxing. So, there is no chance of redness, or swelling on the face.

Provides glow on the skin: It will make your skin fairer giving an instant glow on your face. It also helps to remove tan leading to clear skin.

Helps to get rid of unwanted facial hair without even removing them.

Removal of light scars: Some bleach products can also help in removing light scars from the face.

Quick and Less time-consuming process: only in 10 minutes you can lighten your facial hair. Thus it is a very less time-consuming process as compared to the other procedures.

Can be done on other body parts: It can also be done on other body parts such as legs, arms, and stomach.

Affordable: It is a very reliable and affordable method.

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