Summer Style tips for your Home

Summer Style tips for your Home

Choose background textures and hues that soothe rather than shock. Paint your walls in cream, white or natural-colored hues. Alternatively, you could create a feature wall in sensual upholstered fabrics or wallpaper for a more glamorous and dramatic look. Make sure you choose colors that will envelop you and make you feel safe and cocooned.

The most powerful mood-enhancing ingredient is light. Atmosphere lighting through the use of oversized lamps positioned on side tables is a great way to influence the overall feel of a room. Create pockets of tranquil and flattering lighting through your lamps that draw you and your guests into your room.

Many people think of the space in a room as something that needs to be filled. However, it’s important to realize the space you leave empty is as important as the space you fill. De-cluttering is the rule here by simply allowing space between your furniture and accessories, you will give your room a sense of flow and calmness.

Style doesn’t mean something has to have an expensive label quite the opposite. What counts is how you use it to create a sense of presence and how even the most modest objects, when used with careful consideration, can bring your room to life!

When your room is finished, look around and remove at least one or two accessories or furniture pieces from the space to complete the perfect look.

An object by itself is only an object. Clump your objects together in odd numbers or combine them with something else then it becomes an eye-catching composition.

Contemporary doesn’t mean stark and lifeless. Make sure your room doesn’t look over-disciplined with too much structure this look can leave you feeling cold and bland. Always try and add a touch of excitement to your room this helps turn it from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

Your room doesn’t need to be kept static. Good style means you can continually regenerate your space by simply moving the furniture around and adding a few touches with the latest accessories to create a fabulous new look and feel.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. There are no rules set in concrete simply follow your intuition to create a space you’re happy and proud to call your home. And remember to take a little risk and experiment with your style.