Several Methods of Hair Straightening

Several Methods of Hair Straightening

Recently, in a fashion straight shiny hair, and a large number of ways to achieve this result. If you want a stylish haircut, you can use several options: hair dryer, ironing and straightening of the long-term in a beauty salon.

To straighten hair with a hair dryer you need a special comb called brushing. Its advantage is that the hair using a comb does not go awry, and while laying the air enters the hollow space inside brushing and evenly dries the hair from all sides.

To properly make the styling, it is best to use a special straightening tool that will locks go out smooth and soft. Spread evenly over the entire tool head, Best Hair Salon and then start to dry for the lock of Pryadko. Should always be dried from the roots to the tips. 

To make the hair decorated look slightly better with the tips curled brushing. Today’s advanced hair dryers are manufactured with multiple attachments, one of which brushing. By purchasing such a device, you provide yourself with easy installation, since you do not have time to adapt and learn to cope with a hairdryer and a comb. If at the end of your hair styling turned out too sleek, please use the volume.

Another is very popular and is also a fairly cheap way for a straightening pad. It can be of two types metal plates and ceramic. The first is cheaper, but not too good at the task: first, he does not straighten very reliably, can cope with wavy curls, but is unlikely to straighten hair, and secondly, it is very damaging hair. 

Ceramic straightens better and does less damage, but in any case, the prolonged use of hair becomes more brittle, and split ends appear. If you frequently use the paddles, it is recommended to use special means to protect and to abstain from chemical exposure staining, and bleaching.

The third option is good because it saves the result for a long time, moreover, causes less damage to your tresses, but very expensive. You can go to a salon and choose either a chemical or keratin hair straightening. The first is cheaper, but the chemical composition can cause damage, while the second option is more and saturates hair with vitamins.