Do People Use Bulk Email Marketing?

Email Marketing

Lack of knowledge. Most people do not know how to set up a marketing campaign let alone set up an effective bulk email marketing campaign. Through hard work and trial and error, we have developed simple yet successful strategies to send your emails. We can show you how to do it properly.

You are Doing and Bulk Email to The Masses

Fear of getting into trouble. Most people do not send emails because they have heard negative things about SPAM and that your isp will shut you down. This is true if you don’t know what you are doing and bulk email to the masses. If you don’t believe in SPAM, we have developed alternative ways to bulk email so that you are sending your emails responsibly without getting into any trouble at all.

Don’t have the necessary equipment/software. To send your emails out, you need a computer with specialized bulk email software installed that will send or harvest your emails.
We are the bulk email marketing software experts! We sell bulk email software ranging from $199 up to thousands of dollars. Buying the correct software for your needs can be confusing. Depending on your budget, requirements, and goals, we can help recommend the best software for you.

Types of Bulk Email Marketing

There are basically two ways you can decide to do your bulk email marketing. By UCE/SPAM or Opt-In List. We do not condone one way or favor another. We will show you the pros and cons of both methods and you can decide which method is best for you.

UCE-Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE or “SPAM”) Sending unsolicited email to the masses/general public. If done incorrectly can get you into a lot of trouble. If done correctly, can be extremely profitable. Opt-in List (Permission-based digital marketing). Sending your emails to an opt-in list or permission-based list. This method is the safest way to send email and shouldn’t cause you any problems.

What Does the Term SPAM Exactly Mean?

Spam is a tasty meat product that is perfect for all occasions. Well….that’s true, but when people use it in reference to bulk email they just call it spam because there so much of it….kind of like spam (the meat product.) The actual term is believed to have come from the famous comedy skit “Spam! Spam! Spam!” by Monty Python. Often the term SPAM is used to describe bulk emailing, but the two things are NOT the same. Bulk email is sending email to a group of people whereas SPAM is used to describe a type of bulk emailing where a mass mailing is sent to a group of people whom there has been no previous relationship established between the sender and receiver. We know the best ways to do both methods and can share this valuable information with you.

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