Hairstyles for New Year

Hairstyles for New Year

It’s time, it’s time to think about what hairstyles for the new year will do, to celebrate a holiday fully prepared. On this magical night always wants to emphasize its elegance and taste. In the coming year, snakes can show their sophistication especially bright and stylish.

Actual hair colors to celebrate the New are black, all shades of blue and green. Also, at the height of gold and silver as in the hair, and in their jewelry. The snake symbolizes the coming year of black and water. So the effect of wet hair is very much “on the topic of the day” that is the night of New Year’s.

As for decorating hairstyles for the new year, fit fine shiny rims, jewelry with snakes, and headbands embroidered with sequins. The bezel can be chosen with exquisite curves, but you can make yourself stick to the usual figure of a slender rim of the snake.

Spit: A never-popular holiday hairstyle of long hair with braids. Spit can be classical, French, and woven from four strands. Arrange braids and cornrows can be around the entire head or on a path, obliquely or bends.

Tail: Meeting the year of the Snake, beautifully done hair-tail. not only lush and perfectly smooth. Well, if your hair will shine and cast its deep color. Hair is very carefully collected and pulled together on the top or back of the head where you like.

Retro: At the height of fashion retro hairstyles. And the range of time is very extended styles from the 30s and 70s of the XX century. And the length of the hair does not matter here: approach both short and medium-length hairstyles and long hair.

Accessories: Returning to hair ornaments, recall that the New Year was celebrated more comfortably and happier if you look super. In every sense. So do not be afraid to use pins, clips, pins, barrettes, and headbands already mentioned.