Maybelline Gift Box

Maybelline Gift Box

Treat yourself to a superset this New Year. Want to see what I got for myself? A Maybelline Gift Box! Today I am super duper excited. I wanted to give myself a treat, and since I have almost no time to go shopping after the office. It got delivered today morning and I have been smiling ever since! Let me give you a sneak peek at what the box has and why it is totally worth a steal!

The box itself looks neat and festive. Love the red color! The box comes with the following items:

  • Colossal kajal 12hr smudge resistant
  • Cheeky Glow Blush- Peachy sweetie
  • Hypercurl mascara waterproof
  • Color show nail enamel feisty Fuschia
  • Lipstick forever plum
  • A hyper-glossy turquoise blue liner

The total value of this set is Rs.1250, but I got all this for just Rs.1000 and free home delivery! Here are individual items and why I love them!

Colossal Kajal 12hr Smudge Resistant: Kajal and eyeliner are the two things I use every day. The travel to the office takes an hour and it leaves my skin all sticky with pollution. So naturally, I give my face a quick wash in the office. Now this kajal is so beautiful and smudge-proof that it stays in place totally cool!

Cheeky Glow Blush- Peachy Sweetie: Now I am not much of a blush person, but lately my cheekbones have been showing up and it made me look ill! The best way to add a rosy glow till I fill in those cheeks back my new blush! I used it twice so far and compliments have been flowing.

Hypercurl Mascara Waterproof: I was a little scared looking at this one first what if it curled my lashes TOO much? But it did its job pretty well. My lashes were curled a little and this made my eyes look very natural. Usually, the other mascaras need an eyelash curler before or else the lashes stick out but this mascara doesn’t even need the eyelash curler. Good because I am a little scared of the eyelash curler! Plus it is waterproof ah! what can I say?

Color Show Nail Enamel Feisty Fuschia: I LOVE pinks and I already had this color before. So I gave it to my sister. She loves it!

Lipstick Forever Plum: This lipstick goes very well with blush. It is not too bright and not too pink. Just perfect for the day look. Also, I have always loved Maybelline lipsticks.

A Hyper-Glossy Turquoise Blue Liner: I was a little scared of this at first. But hey, nothing wrong with one try right? So I use it once and boom it makes my eyes look so much brighter. The trick is to use the blue liner alone without any other eye makeup. Add a dash of nude pink lipstick and it makes us look very young.

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