Online Business Management & Business Growth Strategies

Online Business

Managing your online business is key to ensuring that you accomplish all of your vital business tasks in a clear and organized manner. If your business priorities are scattered then you won’t do well mentally. If you are not doing well mentally then your overall business will suffer. This section of SEO20/20 is devoted to getting you organized so that you can complete all of the elements of a successful online business without having to guess where you are, where you’re going, and where you’re supposed to be with your overall business by certain dates. Another major section of Element 7 is Business Growth Strategies. Once you have your website up and running with a solid sales process now you need to network and get involved in your market by taking advantage of WEB 2.0 principles.

Link Building

Now that your website is published and your sitemap has been submitted to Google and Yahoo, it is time to begin your link-building campaign. This section of SEO20/20 is devoted to teaching you the best, proven methods for successfully gaining links to your website.

What is the Purpose of Link Building?

The purpose of building links to your website is to establish trust with the search engines. If you build your content according to Element 5 and you have designed the structure (blueprint) of your website according to Element 4 then you will need exponentially fewer links in order to achieve top 3 rankings for your target keywords. This is a proven fact.

When building links to your website you will need to ensure quality over quantity. If you build 3 “quality” links to each page of your website using varying anchor text then you will be able to dominate most markets online. All this is true provided that you have followed Element 4 & 5 prior to your link-building campaign. I understand that some of the terms I have used in the above paragraphs may be foreign to you. The purpose of this section of SEO20/20 is to make you an expert link builder so dig in.

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