Nail Art Designs | Simple and Easy Red Nail Ideas for Beginners

Nail Art Designs

Red is one of those colors that just screams passion and confidence, and every nail art design lover must try a nail design in red at least once. I’ve done a few designs using red over the last few weeks and thought I would share some of the simplest ones. All these designs are very simple and easy to do, even for beginners, and shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes to complete. The tools I used are minimal, and a set of dotting tools and striper brushes along with a few shades of nail polish should do the trick.

The design above was the very first one I did for someone else. Before then, I’d always practice on myself, so you can imagine how shaky my hands were! It turned out alright, though, and my friend was very pleased with the result. I used a bright red polish for the base and then added the hearts using striper brushes. A loaded striper brush can be used to create hearts or even petals because when you press down on it slightly, it creates a tear-shaped blob. I used two dotting tools for the dots.

5 Nail Art Designs

Nail art designs can take some time to master, but luckily there are a number of designs that are fairly easy to do. Even a beginner could get a great-looking result with the right tools and a good online nail art tutorial. Let’s look at some really gorgeous but simple nail art ideas that can be done at home using only a few tools and products.

  • The Sideswipe: The sideswipe, also called a diagonal French tip, is a really easy nail art design to do. All you need to do is paint the nail in a color of your choice and then paint a diagonal tip over the base color. You do not need any special brushes or tools for this unless you want to embellish and add extra details to the tip.
  • A Classic French Tip: This is an easy nail art design that everyone knows and loves. It’s simple and looks fabulous. On top of that, it’s also a design that you could wear anywhere. Start off by painting your nails a neutral color and then paint on the white French tip. If you lack a steady hand, you could use nail guides to get a perfect result in minutes. For a variation, add a decal along the curve of the tip or glue on a few rhinestones.
  • Polka Dots: This is another one of the fun and funky-looking nail art designs I’ve done, and it is super easy to do. All you need is a set of dotting tools and two nail polishes in contrasting colors. I’ve used red for the French tip and black polka dots in the picture, but you could paint the entire nail in one color and apply the dots all over.
  • Glitter Tips: This is another very simple nail art design, and the basics are the same as any other tip. You need to paint the nail in the color of your choice and then apply glitter polish or loose glitter to the tip of the nail. You have the choice of either creating a defined glitter tip or creating a gradient effect.
  • Flower Nail Art: This is another nail art design where dotting tools can become your best friends. A good set of dotting tools will allow you to create flowers almost effortlessly. One dot forms the center of the flower and adding five dots around it in contrasting colors forms the petals. You are able to keep this as simple or be as elaborate as you want to with this technique.

These are some of the simple nail art designs I use almost every week when I do my own nails, and these designs save a lot of time as well. We don’t always have an hour to spare to do our nails, so for those occasions when 15-30 minutes must do, we can count on these trusty and easy designs to add a little glam to otherwise ordinary nails.