Nail File

Nail File

The nail file is the basic tool to give shape to the nails and grind down the edges of the nails. Nail filing is done during manicures and pedicures for giving proper shape to hands and feet nails. There are several types of nail files that can be used such as metal nail files, emery boards, glass nail files, ceramic nail files, and buffing blocks. There are also colorful nail files that are available in neon colors.
Types of nail files:

Cuboid Block Files

It has four sides and each side performs a different function such as nail shaping, edge removal, smoothing, and providing shine. There is a label on every side that indicates the function of that particular side. They are available in different neon shades that will brighten up your beauty bags. The best thing is once you have used it just peel it off and place the other one.

Emery Boards

As the name suggests emery paper is used that imparts abrasive properties to it. The most common double-sided small flat long tool that is normally available in our home. They are inexpensive and can be used for normal hand and foot nails. They can be easily disposed of after using it on a one person.

Metal Nail Files

They generally have very less grit value therefore they can’t be used on natural nails since they are very abrasive in nature as compared to emery boards. They are suitable for acrylic, artificial and gel nails. It is very easy to refine the edges of gel nails using a metal nail file.

Glass Nail File

Also known as a crystal nail file. It is made up of crystals. There is an abrasive surface over the glass. It can be used for both natural as well as gel nails. Can be used for shaping as well as smoothing and clearing edges. This tool provides the best precision. They don’t cause splintering and breakage of nails.

Ceramic Nail File

Recommended for either soft or weak nails. We can use them for natural nails as well. They are gentle on natural nails. One of the best nail files among all the nail files that are available.
There are four types of nail grits that are used in salons:

Coarse: Mainly used for shaping acrylics or artificial nails.

Medium: used for shaping and smoothing natural nails and also for toenails.

Fine: Used for shaping and giving a good nail finish.

Ultrafine: For providing shine to the nail surface.

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