Silk Straight Therapy

Straight Therapy

It is basically an advanced form of the straightening process. Highly recommended for people who have curly hair, or straight hair but whose hair is frizzy and damaged. There is no denying that every other girl just loves straight and silky hair. And of course why not? The smooth and silky hairstyle looks beautiful these days. But having perfectly straight and voluminous hair is not as easy as we think.

If we talk about straightening and smoothening and keratin treatments; there are various straightening methods that are available in modern salons and it’s too difficult for us to choose which treatment would best suit you. For this, we seek advice from our friends and family and even beauty salons in order to take a decision.

According to hair experts, every hair straightening technique re-textures frizzy hair by adopting different procedures and precautions. Permanent hair straightening gives a smooth and silky look. It doesn’t alter the natural hair structure completely. So, there is no chance of hair damage.

The Procedure of Silk Straightening:

The hair is saturated by applying chemical products. The chemical products have formaldehyde that helps in breaking the natural bond so that the hair can be reshaped. For reshaping heat is used. The mixture is left for less than half an hour so that the solution becomes dry and then iron rods are used to straighten the hair. It will help you in resolving the problem of frizzy and damaged hair in the best way. The long and silky hair will give a little bit of an artificial look. In this small hair is treated separately to ensure proper straightening. The whole procedure will take a few hours to complete.

Benefits of Silk Straightening Therapy:

Long lasting: There is no need to worry it will have a long-lasting impact. It can last for about 1 year.
Permanent straightening: It will result in permanent straightening of hair. Even small hair segments will get straightened.
Adds shine: Imparts shine to the hair and makes them glossy.
Best for curly hair: It’s a kind of boon to curly hair. You will be free from the stress of managing curly hair on a regular basis.
Best for thick hair: Although it can b tried on thinner hair it yields the best results for thick hair.