Meta tag optimization for SEO

Meta tag optimization for SEO

When optimizing your website for search engines, it is important to pay attention to your meta tags. The meta tags are not seen by visitors to your website, but they are used extensively by search engines. For example, the description of a website in the search engine is often the “description meta tag.” Although the meta tags are important, they are only a portion of the on-page site optimization.

The Title Tag – This isn’t really a meta tag, but it is included in the header with the meta tags. The Title Tag is the text that will appear at the top of the browser when a visitor is viewing your site. It is also what appears in the bookmark when someone adds your site to their favorites. The title tag on each site like is very important for search engines. Make sure to include your keyword in the title tag (close to the beginning). Also, make sure it is written to encourage people to visit your site because search engines will list your title in their search results.

Meta Description Tag – The Description tag is used to show the theme of your website. Some search engines, such as Google, ignore this tag. Others will use it partially to describe your website in their search results.

Meta Keywords Tag – The Keyword tag also shows the theme of your website. Every keyword in this tag should be included in the body of your website or it may be penalized for irrelevance. Like the description tag, many engines also ignore the keywords tag, but it is still used by some search engines. Also, use the meta tag to include variations of keywords or common misspellings.

Meta tags are no longer as important as they once were most likely because of how easy it is for webmasters to manipulate the search engines using them.

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After you have fixed your site, fill out this form for a URL Status Review at Yahoo! Here’s where you’re going to have to be a little humble. You tried to cheat the system and you got caught. Be honest! Tell them why you think you were penalized and what you have done to fix it. Beg for forgiveness. Tell them you’ll never do it again. Be honest!

If you get an email back saying that you were banned and you still need to fix your site, you still have at least one more chance. Get some advice from an SEO and find out if there is anything on your site that might trigger the filters. Clean it up again and follow the instructions in the email that you got from Yahoo!

Good luck. Many webmasters believe that getting re-included is impossible, but if you are honest you might have a chance. Learn a lesson and work on building an original, informative website directed at visitors.