Design Your Kitchen Efficiently

Design Your Kitchen Efficiently

Your kitchen isn’t just your source of food, it’s also the benchmark of your health, which is why you should design it in such a way that it compliments your culinary taste and hygiene standards. While planning the kitchen, make sure the layout facilitates smooth, unhindered movement between all points of activity in the room.

That means easy access from the kitchen to the front door of your house, fixtures and utilities in appropriate places, adequate exposure to the sun and fresh air, an efficient exhaust system and spaces that are relatively nook-and-corner-free so that regular cleaning, sweeping and swabbing are not a daunting task. Here are a few tips that can add to your joy of cooking:

For the kitchen platform, use granite or cuddapa stone as not only they are easy to clean but the gleam on them also stays for a lifetime. Use a stainless steel sink in the kitchen instead of granite as moss does not form easily on stainless steel. If you have a dull kitchen with little light, you might want to try using bright crockery in the display area. Also use orange and yellow shades to make it more lively, instead of plain cream or biscuit-colored ones.

Display crockery in a vertical fashion. It creates a spacious, bright effect. Kitchen lighting usually consists of a single fluorescent strip but remember, this room needs more than just one source of general light. It’s important to have a high level of shadow-free general lighting in the area where you handle sharp knives and scalding hot pans. This should always be supplemented with task lighting focused precisely where it is needed.

Use concealed strips on top of your wall-mounted kitchen units, fixed at the back and against the wall. These will transmit light upward and will reflect off a white ceiling, thereby creating an effective glow.